Student-Supervisor Relationship

The student-supervisor relationship is one of the most pivotal for those pursing a graduate degree and there are many resources available to help you navigate that relationship. These include:

Resources for Supervisors

A list of resources for supervisors, which contains several pieces that graduate students may find helpful, prepared by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR).

University Regulations

University regulations on supervision, as contained in the Calendar.

Supervisor's Role

Description of the supervisor's role and supervisory guidelines as outlined in the FGSR's Graduate Program Manual.

Graduate Students' Responsibilities

Description of the graduate students' responsibilities and some guidelines as outlined in the FGSR's Graduate Program Manual.

The GSA is actively involved in advocacy on supervision-related matters. While our hope is that all our members have productive, supportive, and respectful relationships with their supervisors, we recognize that this is not always the case. Because the relationship with your supervisor is of great importance, we encourage anyone experiencing an issue in this area to seek assistance.