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Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass)

The U-Pass gives you unlimited access to public transit using the Edmonton Transit System, Fort Saskatchewan Transit, Leduc Transit, Spruce Grove Transit, City of St. Albert Transit, and Strathcona County Transit.

The current U-Pass agreement was approved through a referendum in 2017 (the program was originally established by referendum in 2007). The GSA negotiates for the U-Pass on behalf of GSA members, alongside the Students' Union, U of A Administration, and student associations from other Edmonton post-secondary institutions.

U-Pass replacement costs will be pro-rated over the course of the term, costing 100% before 1 October, 75% between 1-30 October, 50% between 1-30 November, and 25% between 1-31 December. This means that if you lose your U-Pass, the cost of replacing the U-Pass will be based on how far into the term we are when you lose your pass.

Visit the U of A U-Pass website for more information.

An overview of the U-Pass program provided by ETS is available here.