2019 Killam Scholars

Photo: John Ulan (see https://blog.ualberta.ca/2018-killam-laureates-3f6ae416db81; http://www.ulanphoto.com/)

Celebrating our Killam Graduate Scholars

Emerging researchers and graduate mentors who are making a difference

The Killam Trusts make an enormous difference at the University of Alberta - not just to faculty researchers, but also to graduate students and faculty mentors.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research administers the Killam Awards that are conferred on the last two groups. The awards provide a unique opportunity to support emerging scholars and scientists as they embark on research careers. This site is dedicated to the special people who receive them. (Photo above by John Ulan.)

The Dorothy J. Killam Memorial Graduate Prize

Three prizes are awarded annually to the most outstanding Killam Memorial Scholarship recipients. Here are the stories of the 2019 winners - and their thought-provoking research.

Arguing well can be good for your kids:
How children learn to manage emotions
Chelsea Durber, Educational Psychology


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When kids grow up in larger bodies:
How young people experience weight bias
Alexa Ferdinands, School of Public Health


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'Small things improve someone's life':
Helping stroke survivors walk again
Milad Nazarahari, Mechanical Engineering


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The Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship

These prestigious scholarships are awarded to outstanding doctoral students. The 2019 winners are:

  • Brett Carnio, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Matthew Cormier, English and Film Studies
  • Chelsea Durber, Educational Psychology
  • Hongbing Fan, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science
  • Alexa Ferdinands, Public Health
  • Elly Knight, Biological Sciences
  • Heather Morris, Public Health
  • Milad Nazarahari, Mechanical Engineering
  • Adriana Onita, Secondary Education
  • Neelam Punjani, Nursing
  • Sarah Raza, Pediatrics
  • Basem Reda, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Mark Segger, Music
  • Nathan Wispinski, Psychology

The Killam Award for Excellence in Mentoring

This award recognizes academic staff members who demonstrate outstanding performance in mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in research, as well as postdoctoral fellows and visiting researchers.

'Seeing them succeed is incredibly rewarding':
On the joys, and challenges, of mentoring
Prof. Gregory D. Funk, Physiology (2018 winner)

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'A great opportunity, a great responsibility':
Reflections on the science (and art) of mentoring
Prof. Eleni Stroulia, Computing Science (2019 winner)

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