Faculty Governance

Proposals for New Graduate Degrees, Certificates and Specializations and Changes to Existing Programs

  1. Faculty discusses the graduate program-related idea with the FGSR Graduate Governance and Policy Coordinator (fgsrgov@ualberta.ca) and an Associate Dean from FGSR.
    • FGSR consults with Vice-Provost (Programs), as well as the Portfolio Initiatives Manager
  2. FGSR provides initial feedback to the proposing Faculty.
  3. FGSR coordinates a meeting between: the proposing Faculty (including Associate Dean and Departmental proponents); Vice-Provost (Programs); the Portfolio Initiatives Manager; FGSR Associate Dean; and FGSR Governance and Policy Coordinator.
  4. Disciplinary Faculty further develops the proposal in the appropriate templates.  
    • FGSR consults the Vice-Provost (Programs) on the draft proposal or changes required by the Provost's Office
    • FGSR Governance and Policy Coordinator forwards any feedback to the Disciplinary Faculty, which incorporates the recommended changes
  5. After securing necessary approvals/endorsements from their own Department and/or Faculty, proponent submits the proposal to the Dean, FGSR, and subsequently FGSR Council for approval.
  6. FGSR Council approves the proposal and the FGSR Governance and Policy Coordinator forwards it to the Provost's Office (Portfolio Initiatives Manager) and the University Governance Office (General Faculties Council Secretary) for further action.