Office of the Dean

Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

John Nychka

Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Dr. Nychka joined the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) in July 2016. Prior to joining FGSR he served as an Associate Chair Undergraduate Programs in his home department of Chemical and Materials Engineering (2012-2015). Dr. Nychka is passionate about education, and he has a longstanding commitment to improving educational opportunities for learners.

Dr. Nychka is a U of A Alumnus (Metallurgical Engineering, 1997) and he also has a MEng in Materials Science and Engineering from McMaster University (1999) and a PhD in Materials from University of California Santa Barbara (2004).

Dr. Nychka is an avid photographer, and enjoys the visual fine arts, cycling, playing guitar, and spending time with family.

Responsibilities as Associate Dean (Teaching & Learning):

  • Supporting students in pursuit of their dreams
  • Innovating new ways to support learning on campus
  • Serving on committees across campus to serve as a voice for graduate student education
  • Providing contextual assessment of people's situations against the policies, protocols, and rules of the University system in an effort to achieve compliance and win-win outcomes wherever possible

My advice to our graduate students:

  • Graduate school is not just more school - you will change through the process. Take the time to get to know yourself and how you want to grow during your studies. Find the people who will help support your growth. Expect that your growth will not always feel amazingly awesome...change can be challenging and it will feel like a roller coaster. You cannot wait until everything is perfect before you start; start soon, do, learn, and iterate - in research, nothing works the first time.

Home Department:

Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
Associate Dean's Nychka's faculty page at the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.