Office of the Dean

Associate Dean (Graduate Supervision, Training & Mentoring)

Naomi Krogman

Associate Dean (Graduate Supervision, Training & Mentorship)

I want to understand how people improve the human condition and work collaboratively toward a collective good. At FGSR, I feel surrounded by people with an interest and commitment to the promise of scholarly contributions - dedicated people who want to use their knowledge for a greater good, and by staff who want to make everyone’s learning journey and work experience meaningful and inclusive.

I like to bake, hike, bike, camp out, swim, entertain, read, and travel. I love to hang out with my daughters and listen to them play music, watch them act in theatre, and hear them express their opinions about how the world is changing and how we need to change along with it. I love radio podcasts, documentaries, watching dance performances, theatre, and learning about music from my daughters. Teaching Environmental Sociology gives me a lot of joy.

My PhD, MSc, and BA are all in Sociology from different institutions, with my PhD emphasis on environment and international development. I continue to do research in sustainability for those who are often forgotten in sustainability agendas, and gender and development.

Responsibilities as Associate Dean (Graduate Supervision, Training & Mentoring):

  • Improving the culture of graduate student supervision and mentorship;
  • Helping graduate students and faculty solve graduate student problems or work towards a better place for all;
  • Represent graduate student education and education interests on Dean, Department Chairs, and other decision-making committees at the University of Alberta.

If you could tell graduate students to read one book, what would it be:

  • Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam Grant

Home Department:

Professor, Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
Associate Dean Krogman's faculty page at the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology.