Office of the Dean

Associate Dean (Supervisor Training & Mentoring)

Naomi Krogman

Associate Dean (Supervisor Training & Mentoring)

Title & Department: 

  • Professor, Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology


  • PhD, Sociology, Colorado State University
  • MS, Sociology, Utah State University
  • BA, Sociology, Northern Illinois University

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Killam Award for Excellence in Mentoring, University of Alberta
  • Editorial Award, Community and Hospital Infection Control Association of Canada
  • Teaching Wall of Fame, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics, University of Alberta
  • McCalla Professorship, University of Alberta
  • National Agricultural Colleges and Teaching Universities Award, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics, University of Alberta
  • Outstanding Scientific Publication of the Louisiana Wildlife Association, Journal of Environmental Conservation

Teaching & Research Interests:

  • Graduate student supervision and mentorship, sustainability sciences and education, sustainable consumption, sustainable development, environmental policy implementation, institutional changes to resource management, wetland policy, integrated resource management, sustainable agriculture, gender

Responsibilities as Associate Dean (Supervisor Training & Mentoring):

  • Improving the culture of graduate student supervision and mentorship
  • Helping graduate students and faculty solve graduate student problems or work towards a better place for all
  • Represent graduate student education and education interests on Dean, Department Chairs, and other decision-making committees at the University of Alberta

Personal Interests & Hobbies:

  • Walking in the woods, cooking and baking, listening to live music (especially my daughter's singing and playing), attending theatre, learning about other cultures

Fondest graduate school memory:

  • Cross-country skiing with my friends in my cohort in Cache Valley near Logan, Utah. Walking out of my successful PhD defense and heading to the mountains to meet friends.

Favourite thing about the University of Alberta:

  • The combination of intellect, hope, creativity, and scholarship among my fellow professors and students.

If you could tell graduate students to read one book, what would it be:

  • Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success by Adam Grant

Advice to graduate students:

  • Remember that you go out and get your education - it is not handed to you.

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