2018 Graduate Student Teaching Award Recipients Announced

    Winners to be recognized at ceremony March 27

    By Ramona Czakert Franson on February 27, 2018

    Congratulations to the following graduate students, who have been recognized with 2018 Graduate Student Teaching Awards:

    Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

    Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Sciences

    Camila Pinto

    Human Ecology
    Mary Glasper

    Renewable Resources
    Valerie Miller

    Alberta School of Business
    Business PhD
    Maxim Ganzin
    Soyoung Kim

    Faculty of Arts
    Emily Hull

    English and Film Studies
    Helen Frost
    Brittany Reid
    Laura Sydora

    History and Classics
    Kelsey Koon

    Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
    Tsugumi (Mimi)  Okabe
    Jesus Toapanta

    Political Science
    Dax D'Orazio
    Justin Leifso
    Renee McBeth
    Luke Sandle


    Xuehui (Kate) Lie
    Michael Sharp

    Campus Saint-Jean
    Secondary Education
    Émilie Lavoie

    Faculty of Education
    Elementary Education

    Andrew Morgan

    Faculty of Engineering
    Chemical and Materials Engineering
    Beatriz Iara Cabral E Pacheco
    Hossein Shahandeh
    Fatemeh Bakhtiari Ziabari

    Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Heidi Cossey
    Jeffrey Hung
    Firouz Khodayari
    Clayton Pettit

    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Ahmad Wail Al-Dabbagh
    Mohammad Saeed Ansari
    Mohammad Ebrahimi
    Waleed El-Halwagy

    Mechanical Engineering

    Daniel Aldrich
    Ahmed Ead
    Saraswati Jituri
    Lisa Kinsale
    Megan Ogle
    Baltej Rupal

    Faculty of Extension
    Lasha Mae MacQuarrie

    Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
    Devin Phillips
    Crystal Watson

    Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

    Department of Physiology
    Michael Bording-Jorgensen

    Faculty of Native Studies
    Molly Swain

    Faculty of Nursing
    Sadie Deschenes

    Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Cassandra Woit

    School of Public Health
    Kirill Lissovskiy

    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Department of Occupational Therapy
    Lyndsey Hahn

    Faculty of Science
    Biological Sciences
    Samantha Guitard
    Mitchell Johnsen
    Kate Keenan
    Jaclyn McCutcheon
    Brian Phelps
    Victor Shegelski
    Oksana Vernygora
    Kevin Yoon

    Robin Abel
    Richard Brunton
    Chun-Jui Chu
    Caley Craven
    Riley Endean
    Nicole Jankovic
    Meagan Oakley
    Angelo Perera

    Computing Science
    Zaheen Ahmad
    Shrimanti Ghosh
    Andy Hess
    Ehsan Kamalloo
    Megha Panda
    Mirmahdi Rahgoshay
    Christopher Solinas

    Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Michael Belosevic
    Ashley Dubnick
    Calla Knudson
    Jacob Papineau

    Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
    Quinton Farr
    Mahdi Ghadiri
    Peter Harrington
    Ran Lu
    Michelle Michelle
    Daria Vyachkileva

    Thomas Clark
    Logan Cooke
    Courtney Mielnichuk
    Joseph Willis


    Sucheta Chakravarty
    Shawn Douglas 
    Hajin Lee
    Jeffrey Pisklak

    Winners will be presented with their awards at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Graduate Student Teaching Awards Ceremony on March 27, 2018.