2019 Graduate Student Teaching Award Recipients Announced

    Winners to be recognized at ceremony on April 11

    By Kevin Chavez Laxamana on March 11, 2019

    Congratulations to the following graduate students, who have been recognized with 2019 Graduate Student Teaching Awards:

    Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences

    Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences

    Nuanyi Liang

    Human Ecology
    Patricia Siferd

    Renewable Resources
    Cole Gross

    Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
    Apryl Bergstrom

    Alberta School of Business
    Business PhD
    Saurabh Rawal

    Faculty of Arts
    Kevin Laxamana
    Andrew Lints
    Mirjana Uzelac

    Art and Design
    Phoebe Todd-Parrish

    Shannon Blanchet
    Tonya Chrystian

    English and Film Studies
    Nicholas Beauchesne
    Amanda Daignault
    Meredith Snyder

    History and Classics
    James White

    Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
    Richard Feddersen

    Peter Andes
    Ka Ho Lam

    Political Science
    Daisy Raphael

    Brenna Zatto
    Ying Shan Doris Zhang

    Women's and Gender Studies
    Esther Rosario

    Campus Saint-Jean
    Asma M'Barek

    Faculty of Education
    School of Library and Information Studies
    Sharon Farnel

    Faculty of Engineering
    Chemical and Materials Engineering
    Fatemeh Bakhtiari Ziabari
    Joao Felipe Pereira Bassane
    Ying Wang

    Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Pablo Cano
    Heidi Cossey
    Luis Alberto Perca
    Clayton Pettit
    Bryan Tran

    Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Tomas Barton
    Sameir Deif
    Andrew Longman
    Raju Machupalli

    Mechanical Engineering

    Dylan Brenneis
    Nandini Debnath
    Ahmed Samir Ead
    Adham Riad
    Baltej Rupal
    Tsai Hsing Ho
    Yishak Yusuf

    Faculty of Extension
    Amanda Almond

    Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
    Chen Chen
    Rebecca Rubuliak
    Kelsey Wright

    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
    Medical Microbiology and Immunology
    Saeideh Davoodi

    Faculty of Nursing
    Morgan Wadams

    Peter Lougheed Leadership College
    School of Public Health
    Juanita Gnanapragasam

    School of Public Health 
    Kelsey Robertson

    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Communication Sciences and Disorders
    Teresa Hardy

    Faculty of Science
    Biological Sciences
    Alyssa Bohart
    Brendan Casey
    Jenna Cook
    Erin Cox
    Jaclyn McCutcheon
    Tyler Nelson
    Kacie Norton
    Matthew Rhodes
    Song Wang
    Sonya Widen

    Maya Abou-Ghanem
    Helen Clement
    Rory McDonald
    Alvaro Omana
    Sarah Parke
    Casey Rusin
    Vitor Silva Cunha
    Miriam van Hoeve
    Hanh-Thuc Tran
    Jasper Woodard

    Computing Science
    Abdulsalam Ba Sabaa
    Shaiful Chowdhury
    Kalvin Eng
    Bradley Hauer
    Braedy Kuzma
    Andrew Patterson
    Tobias Renwick
    Saeed Sarabchi
    Rameel Sethi

    Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
    Grayson Bilak
    Patricia Gonzalez Hernandez
    Kaarel Mand
    Claudia Selles
    Jonathan Toma

    Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
    John Campbell
    Carlos Contreras
    Roman Frolov
    Nathan Marculis
    Adam Rhodes
    Weston Roda
    Kateryna Tatarko

    Andrew Hughes
    Leonid Olifer
    Sina Safarabadi Farahani
    Sourav Sarkar
    Michelle Sullivan

    Kimberley Campbell
    Taylor Irvine
    Ryan Moukhaiber
    Larissa Predy
    Rachel Elyse Runac

    Winners will be presented with their awards at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Graduate Student Teaching Awards Ceremony on April 11, 2019.