Naomi Krogman

Naomi Krogman, PhD

Associate Dean
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
University of Alberta

Naomi Krogman is a professor in the Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, in Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. Naomi has conducted field research in Mongolia and Africa as well as in rural Alberta. She's a proponent and a practitioner of experiential learning, and a renowned graduate supervisor. For the last few years has served the Director of Sustainability Scholarship and Education. In this capacity she established the Sustainability Scholars program with the City of Edmonton, which has become an important partner in the Graduate Student Internship Program. When she was a Provost's Fellow in 2012-13, Naomi authored an important report on the Quality of Graduate and Post-doc Supervision. At FGSR over the next three years, she will drive our strategic commitment to improve supervision and mentoring on campus.