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FGSR Great Supervisor Awards

The FGSR Great Supervisor Award recognizes supervisors who demonstrate strong supervisory skills or who foster mentorship in their programs.  A great supervisor is someone who has been particularly helpful, such as a supportive supervisory committee member, or someone who fosters good supervision and mentorship in your program.

Nominations for Great Supervisor Awards are submitted to FGSR by the academic departments in which the supervisors do their outstanding work.

Nomination Procedures

The Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, or the Graduate Coordinator, of each department consults with their team as necessary and selects one supervisor from their department to be nominated. The Associate Chair then compiles an application including the following information:

  1. The supervisor's full name.
  2. A brief description of why that supervisor has been selected. This may include insights into this person's supervision style, mentorship, and/or contributions to the culture of supervision and mentorship in the 2019 academic year.

Nominations can be submitted via the Google Form that is accessible here, or via the button below.

The deadline is Friday, February 28, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Submit Nomination

For more information, contact:

Victoria Ruétalo
Associate Dean (Supervisor Training & Mentorship & Student Academic Affairs)