Award Resources

If you are a recipient of an award, scholarship, or a prize, you will be notified via an official email or mailed letter of notification from either the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) or an external agency.

Your offer letter will specify the date and with whom you are required to accept your award. It will also inform you what documentation is required from you to process your acceptance and activate your award.

All recipients of FGSR-administered awards are required to read the Scholarships and Awards Manual carefully as it will answer many frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) you might have about your award. If you choose to accept the award, you must adhere to the terms and conditions as identified in the document. Follow the below steps to manage your award, and contact FGSR Award Services at if you require further clarification.

  • Scholarship and Award Manual
    The Scholarships and Awards Manual contains regulations outlining  the management of awards, eligibility, required registration status, payment schedules, etc. The majority of awards administered by the FGSR will be governed solely by the regulations published in this manual. Students accepting an award must comply with these regulations. Once this document has been published to the FGSR website, the official copy becomes the most recent online version; always ensure that you are using the latest version of the material.
  • Accepting your Award
    If your offer letter directs you to do so, please fill out our Graduate Award Acceptance form and either email it to the FGSR from your UofA email account, mail it to us, or drop it off at our office.

    The Graduate Award Acceptance form will prompt you to declare to us all of the awards you hold at the time of acceptance; this will help us determine if there are any potential changes to your awards which may arise from holding two or more awards at the same time. For example, some awards cannot be held concurrently, while in some other cases holding other awards might affect your new award’s value.

    After we receive your acceptance form we will confirm your registration (for awards that have a registration requirement) and process your award payment. If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to set up direct deposit on your Beartracks account.

    Your payment schedule should be outlined in your offer letter or in the Scholarships and Awards Manual .
  • Renewing your Award

    If you were offered a multi-year award, please refer to the specifics in your offer letter and the Award Winners Handbook. Generally, for these renewable FGSR-administered awards, you must complete a Graduate Award Renewal form or a Progress Report (for Tri-Council Scholarships) 6 weeks before the expiration of your award tenure to ensure there is no disruption in the payment of the award.

    To be eligible for renewal of a graduate award, a First Class academic standing (3.5/4.0 GPA) must be maintained, unless the terms of reference of the award state otherwise.

    Renewable scholarships/awards include:

    Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship
    Alberta Innovates Technology Futures Graduate Student Scholarships
    Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS)
    NSERC Doctoral Scholarships (CGS-D and PGS-D)
    SSHRC Doctoral Scholarships (CGS-D and Fellowship)
    *CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral (CIHR CGS-D)
    Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship
    Certain Department-Specific Awards

    *Note that FGSR does not administer CIHR Doctoral payments; however, students are to submit a Graduate Award Renewal form to be eligible for the President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction in each eligible year of the CIHR.

  • Declining or Terminating an Award
    Students who are declining an award must complete the Decline Graduate Award Offer form and return it to the FGSR as soon as possible. Early notification will permit the FGSR to offer the award to another candidate.

    If your registration status changes such that you are no longer eligible to hold an award, or if you accept a new award that conflicts with the regulations of an award you currently hold, you must inform the FGSR by filling out and submitting a Graduate Award Termination form. Your award will then be terminated. Failure to do so in a timely fashion may result in you being required to repay funds received.
  • Requesting an Interruption of Your Award
    Students who intend to interrupt their award for reasons including maternity, parental leave, illness, compassionate leave, or to gain relevant work experience, must complete the Award Interruption Request form and submit it to the FGSR as early as possible in advance of the interruption start date. Depending on the nature of the interruption, you may be required to be on an approved Leave of Absence from your graduate program.

    Before requesting an award interruption, you should consult with the appropriate award holder's guide governing your award to ensure that the reason for your interruption meets any applicable eligibility requirements. Please note that eligible award interruptions are not automatically granted; requests must be evaluated by the FGSR prior to approval.
  • Award and Scholarship Verification Letters
    If you require a letter verifying your scholarship funding for the purpose of applying for loans, etc., the FGSR Awards Services unit can verify FGSR-administered award funds that you hold or can expect to receive. Please contact us for more information about these services.
  • Thank Your Donor
    FGSR is able to provide many funding opportunities to outstanding graduate students because of the generosity of alumni and donors. As an award recipient, you are generally encouraged to send a personal thank you letter to the donor of the award(s) you received. Donor contact information is housed within the Office of Advancement, Stewardship division, and they will contact you, via your UAlberta email account, to let you know how you can express your gratitude. Saying thank-you is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that our alumni and donors continue to support scholarships, prizes, and awards. Sometimes, the most meaningful part of their giving experience is to know how their contribution has been invested in your educational experience.

    You may wait to be contacted by the Office of Advancement, or to assist them with informing the donor, complete the Thank You Donor Letter.
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