Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU) Graduate Studentship in Patient-Oriented Research

The Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU) Graduate Studentship provides opportunities for individuals enrolled in a thesis-based Master's or PhD program at one of Alberta’s four comprehensive academic research universities (CARU) to undertake research that both meaningfully engages patients and addresses their priorities.

Recipients will have the opportunity to attain the knowledge and experience they need to build exciting careers that leverage their unique training and expertise in patient-oriented research.

Learn more about the Alberta Strategy for Patient Oriented Research SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU).

The program provides 12 months of funding support towards a thesis-based Master’s or Doctoral degree, consisting of a stipend of $30,000.
Refer to AbSPORU's current Program Guide for complete criteria outlined in detail.
Adjudication Procedures
All applications will undergo a comprehensive review and final selection process involving an external review panel convened by AbSPORU. Additional details are in the Program Guide.