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FGSR Graduate Student Online Conference Award

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) is pleased to offer graduate students a one-time award (up to $500) to cover the registration fee for an online conference.

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  • Value
    Variable, up to a maximum of $500, depending on the value of the conference registration fee.
  • Eligibility

    An eligible student can only receive one FGSR Graduate Student Online Conference Award.

    All applicants must:

    • be registered full-time or part-time in their program at the time of application and at the time of the online conference
    • have a GPA of 2.7 or higher, based on the most recent 15 credits of graded coursework (or closest approximation thereof) in their current program at the time of application

    Master's Students:
    • Students in a master’s degree program must have completed no more than four years in the master’s program by the online conference date.

    Doctoral Students:
    • Students in a doctoral degree program must have completed no more than six years in the doctoral program at the time of the online conference. For students who transfer from a master's to a PhD program, the time spent in the master's program counts towards the time spent in the PhD.
    • You must have completed your preliminary course work and other prerequisites, completed your candidacy examination and be actively engaged in thesis research (registered in full time thesis credits).

  • Application Procedures
    Applications must be submitted through the GSMS Awards Portal. Submitting your application does not denote acceptance of your application, nor guarantee available funds. You will be notified through the portal once your application has been processed and a decision has been made.

    1) GSMS Online Submission:
    • Follow the GSMS Awards Student Training Document\Apply for Awards to submit your application (available in GSMS or on FGSR's website under Award Resources).
    • Search for "FGSR Graduate Student Online Conference Award 2020/21". The award will only be viewable during the open application dates.
    • Incomplete applications will be rejected and you will be required to re-apply once your application is complete.
    • It is your responsibility to review your application for completeness and eligibility before submission.

    2) Supporting Documents:
    • Registration confirmation must include the conference dates, organizations’ particulars (organization logo, contact information, signatures, etc).
    • Screenshots, JPEG, or PNG images of the registration confirmation will not be accepted for submission.
    • Documentation sent by email must be the original print out from your email account; information copied from the body of an email and pasted into word or excel will not be accepted.
    • Unofficial UofA transcript from Bear Tracks.
  • Adjudication Procedures

    The FGSR will offer as many online conference awards as the annual budget will support. Once funding is expended, no more applications will be accepted.

  • Additional Information
    If you do not participate in the online conference that your graduate online conference award was approved to fund, or if your status as a graduate student changes, it is your responsibility to notify the FGSR immediately, in writing. You may be required to repay any funds received.