Celebrating our Graduates of 2020

FGSR | Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Here's to You, Grads!

We're tipping our hat to the Class of 2020.

You are 194 doctoral degree recipients, 1,144 master's degree recipients, and 48 recipients of graduate certificates. You are a diverse, enormously talented group. And we couldn't be prouder of you.

Take a bow! And enjoy your special day.

Celebrating Great Research: Our Governor General's Gold Medal Winner

Every year during Spring convocation, the University of Alberta awards the Governor General's Gold Medal to the doctoral graduate who achieves the highest academic standing. This year's recipient, Jennifer Hinnell, '20 PhD (Linguistics), is an extraordinary scholar with intriguing interests: she studies how the words we say and the ways we move are interconnected.

Read about Dr. Hinnell's research here.

Governor General's Gold Medal Winner | Jennifer Hinnell, '20 PhD (Linguistics)

Messages from Our Team

A Message from Dr. Brooke Milne, Vice-Provost & FGSR Dean


Congratulations to all of our new Master's and PhD graduates!

As you enter this next phase of your lives, I encourage you to apply all that you have learned and experienced in your graduate students to make meaningful, lasting contributions, this province and beyond.

Watch the video message from Dr. Milne here.

A Message from Dr. Bryan Hogeveen, FGSR Vice-Dean


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020!

Take pride in your many impressive accomplishments and see where dedication and commitment can lead. Feel a sincere sense of belonging and fulfillment in your success as you now join the University of Alberta Alumni community. While convocation is a time to commemorate your achievement, it also marks a new beginning. Wherever your life may lead, use your knowledge, skills, and wisdom you gained through graduate study to make an indelible mark on the places and people you encounter.

A Message from Dr. Janice Causgrove Dunn, FGSR Associate Dean (Graduate Student Wellness, Policy & Governance)


Congratulations to all the graduates of the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research!

We hope you feel as much pride in your wonderful accomplishment of earning a graduate degree as we do, and we look forward to watching where your journey will take you now.

A Message from Dr. Tracy Raivio, FGSR Associate Dean (Awards & Scholarships)


Congratulations on completing your graduate degree!

Take time to celebrate all of the hard work and passion you have committed to achieving this milestone. As you go out into the world to share your knowledge and expertise, I hope you will continue, in the words of Henry David Thoreau, to "go confidently in the direction of your dreams!"

A Message from Dr. Victoria Ruétalo, FGSR Associate Dean (Supervisor Training & Mentorship & Student Academic Affairs)


Congratulations to all new Master's and PhDs!

As you embark on your new journey, don't be afraid to experiment. Use the knowledge and skills you have learned at the University of Alberta to contribute to your community. Your new adventure awaits!

A Message from Dr. Ali Shiri, FGSR Associate Dean (Special Projects)


Congratulations on your significant accomplishment!

Your commitment and dedication has led you to success. Now, it is your turn to help create a more caring and compassionate world. Best wishes on your future endeavours!

Insights from Our Graduates

Damandeep Sing, '20 MBA

Insight from our Graduates | Damandeep Singh, '20 MBA

Whether it's a big project, long assignment, or lengthy case studies, don't fear. Anything can be done.

Victoria van der Haas, '20 PhD (Anthropology)

Insight from our Graduates | Victoria van der Haas, '20 PhD (Anthropology)

My time at the U of A taught me that the support and help of fellow grad students is everything.

Roshan Achal, '20 PhD (Physics)

Insight from our Graduates | Roshan Achal, '20 PhD (Physics)

Immediately start building skills and planning for life after grad school. The more planning, the better!

Carlos Fiorentino, '20 PhD (Material Culture & Design Studies)

Insight from our Graduates | Carlos Fiorentino, '20 PhD (Material Culture & Design Studies)

Education is a way of life, not just a medium nor a goal. I feel like I will be refreshed with every new project I start.

Nuanyi Liang, '20 PhD (Food Science & Technology

Insight from our Graduates | Nuanyi Liang, '20 PhD (Food Science & Technology)
Embrace every challenge.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

Enjoy your special day!