Tuition and Fees

2018-19 Instructional Fees for International Graduate Students

Tuition rates for 2018/19 were recently approved by the University of Alberta’s Board of Governors. Instructional fees will increase by 3.14% for international graduate and undergraduate students over 2017/18 rates.

Please keep in mind that a complete graduate fee assessment consists of instructional and non-instructional fees. The 2018-19 non-instructional fees have not been finalized. 2017-18 Non-instructional Fees are available for your information.

Official fee assessments will be available on Bear Tracks in July 2018.

At the graduate level, the instructional fee increases for 2018-19 are as follows:

Instructional Fees
Graduate Program Type
2017-18 d 2018-19 $ %
Course Based Master's a
$8,181.36 $8,437.68 $256.32 3.13%
Thesis 919 b
$5,265.08 $160.24 3.14%
Thesis Based Masters/PhD c
$7,057.80 $7,279.32 $221.52 3.14%
Master's in Business Administration
$16,017.84 $16,519.68 $501.84 3.13%

Integrated Petroleum Geosciences Course

$2,924.12 $3,015.86 $91.74 3.14%
International Graduate Tuition Increase f,g
$4,000.00 $4,000.00 n/a 0.00%


(a) Values based on full-time per term and full-time per year unless otherwise stated.

(b) Tuition applies to thesis students who were admitted to the program of study prior to Fall 2011 and are assessed the reduced thesis rate.

(c) Tuition applies to thesis students who were admitted to the program of study beginning in Fall 2011 or later; this is based on annual fee assessment (including spring/summer).

(d) As approved by the Board of Governors, December 16, 2016.

(e) Figures may be rounded downwards at fee index level for administrative purposes, thus lowering the effective year percentage increase below 3.14%.

(f) Per year for full time student, excluding cost recovery and graduate course based Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech master's programs in Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

(g) $4,000 will be cost-neutral and offset by an equal amount of financial support.