Tuition and Fees

Sample Fee Assessments

The sample fee assessments provided are general guidelines for Canadian and International students registered in graduate programs at the University of Alberta. Be advised that fees are subject to change on a yearly basis and we are not able to provide fee assessments for more than one year at a time.

There are two main categories of programs: Thesis-based and Course-based.

Thesis-based students need to define a research problem, carry out the thesis research, and write and defend a thesis. Doctoral (PhD) and Thesis-based Master's Degrees fall under this category.

Course-based Master’s Degree students need to complete coursework and a capstone research project defined by the student and her or his Academic Advisor, plus any additional requirements defined by the program.

Please go to the sample fee assessments page relevant to your program of interest. A list of all graduate programs and their types can be found in the University Calendar - Graduate Programs.