Tuition and Fees

Canadian Thesis-based Student, Admitted Fall 2011 Onwards

Spring/Summer 2020 Sample Assessment for Students Registered in Additional Courses

Canadian/Permanent Resident thesis-based graduate students who have been admitted into their programs from Fall 2011 onwards should be aware that program fees will now be assessed in Fall/Winter and in Spring/Summer terms. Spring/Summer assessments are generally available every March.

Please Note: Thesis based students admitted Fall 2011 onwards are NOT assessed non-instructional fees in the Spring or Summer terms UNLESS they register in a course in addition to the mandatory THES 906 for credit or audit. The only exception is the UPass fee, which is assessed once and is valid for both terms. Students may Opt-In in order to have access to facilities not automatically covered through their fee assessment.

  • Sample fee assessments for Canadian/Permanent Residents (no course registration in Spring/Summer other than THES) can be viewed here.

If students register in courses for credit or audit, other than THES, they are assessed instructional and non-instructional fees in the Spring/Summer terms as per sample assessment below. The example provided is for one extra course taken for credit. Each extra course will cost $624.12 per term (with some exceptions). Students enrolled in programs or courses with non-standard fees, for credit or audit, will incur additional charges.

Instructional fees for audited courses are 50% of the course fee when taken for credit, while non-instructional fees remain the same.

Full-Time Fees (in Canadian Dollars)

Based on a 6-credit THES registration and one 3-credit course registration per term

Spring Summer Total
Instructional Fees

 THES 906 fee
610.40 610.40 1,220.80
 Course fee
Non-instructional Fees

Student Academic Support Fee 126.09 126.09 252.18
Student Health & Wellness Fee 30.66 30.66 61.32
Athletics & Recreation 41.00 41.00 82.00
PAW Centre Fee 13.50 13.50 27.00
U-Pass -spring/Summer 153.00
Total $1,598.77 $1,445.77 $3,044.54

Note: Spring/Summer students are NOT assessed the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) Fee, the GSA Dedicated Fee, or the GSA Health and Dental Plan Fees. However, if the student paid the GSA health/dental fee in the previous fall term, coverage will extend until the end of August.