Tuition and Fees

Research 900 - International Visiting Students

Please Note
: The sample fee assessments posted on these pages do not take into account recent changes to certain Non-Instructional Fees for Spring/Summer 2020. For updates on those fees, please see our Non-Instructional Fees page.

The following sample assessments are for visiting students registered in Research 900 (RSCH 900).

Research 900 (RSCH 900) is offered as a course registration for visiting graduate students who are registered at another academic institution and who will be conducting research only at the University of Alberta under the supervision of a UofA faculty member, but will not be taking UAlberta courses.

Research 900 students must be continuously registered for each term they are on campus (ie. each Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer term) to maintain their student status and campus privileges.

The fee provides visiting student researchers with a ONECard and access to resources and services such as athletic and recreation facilities,health services, WCB and liability coverage, U-Pass, official UAlberta transcript certifying attendance, University of Alberta Health Insurance Plan (UAHIP) for international students.

Note: Visiting Graduate Students in RSCH 900 in Fall or Winter terms may opt into the GSA Health and Dental plan offered by Studentcare Networks. Contact Studentcare Networks for details.

Research 900 Sample Assessment for International Students

2019 - 2020 Fees (in Canadian dollars)

Fall Winter Spring
Instructional Fees        
Instruction 240.86 240.86 240.86 240.86
Graduate International Tuition 1.000.00 1.000.00  - -
Non-instructional fees        
Student Academic Support Fee 126.09  126.09  126.09
Student Health and Wellness Fee 30.66 30.66  30.66 30.66
Athletics & Recreation 41.00 41.00  41.00
PAW Centre Fee 27.00 27.00 13.50
Graduate Students' Association (GSA) 60.95 60.95
GSA Dedicated Fees 1.00 1.00  - -
Graduate Student Assistance Program 4.00 8.00  - -
U-Pass* 153.00 153.00
153.00 -
UAHIP ($50/month but subject to change) 200.00  200.00  100.00 100.00
Fees Reduction        
Graduate International Tuition Reduction -1.000.00 -1.000.00 - -
$812.56 $816.56



*The UPass fee is assessed once per Spring/Summer terms. For students who only register in summer, without being registered in spring, the UPass fee would be assessed in the Summer term instead.