Community Connect Program


The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's Community Connect (CC) Program provides you with opportunities and activities to share knowledge and gain experience for personal and professional growth. Graduate students will learn how to engage public curiosity, develop creative means of disseminating research, and strengthen community and global citizenship.

Building upon the skills and competencies listed in the Individual Development Plan (IDP), Community Connect is supported by four core pillars which are at the foundation of all our initiatives:

  1. Civic and Social Responsibilitywidening access to research and education efforts and benefits society as a whole;
  2. Knowledge Mobilizationcommunicating your research using creative means will inclusively educate the public;
  3. Personal and Professional Developmentbuild employable competencies while growing in confidence and personal abilities; and
  4. Research Advocacyshare and showcase the value and impact of your research locally and globally.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • package ideas and present their research in a unique manner;
  • answer questions in a variety of contexts;
  • make complex research accessible;
  • develop active listening skills;
  • take a leadership role;
  • convey the importance of their research; and
  • collaborate with individuals across disciplines and demographics.

Through training and experiential learning, participants acquire skills in communicating and unlocking key components of their research.