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Re-view Reviewing in Math Education

Reviewing is a common practice in teaching and learning. In math education, it is common to see teachers opening a lesson with a review of previously learned content and wrapping it up with a recap of the lesson. Students are often asked to review what they have learned after each study session, particularly before a quiz, test, or exam. But why do we review and how to? These questions don’t arise often. In this talk, I invite you to (re)consider reviewing as essential to education for its openness towards something new. To that end, I ask a practical question: “In what ways can we help learners (including self and others) to learn something new from what they have encountered before?” I propose a few possible ways and present examples of each relevant to the elementary and secondary math education. Participants are encouraged to change languages, images, experiences, stories, analogies, and contexts to understand math differently.

Date: Monday, July 20, 2020, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (Online Event)

About the Presenter:

Dr. ­Lixin Luo is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta and a former high school teacher in Toronto. Considering learning as a nonlinear and unpredictable process through which both the learner and her environment co-evolve, Lixin is interested in the abundant possibilities of recursive curricula, which center on re-encountering previously encountered ideas with an orientation towards newness and change along their formation. Her doctoral study focuses on what recursive mathematics curricula might be like in theory and in practice.

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