Community Volunteer Program

The FGSR Community Volunteer Program connects graduate students, academics, postdoctoral fellows and alumni from all disciplines to students in primary and secondary schools and the greater community to share their research knowledge and experiences. Whether it is visiting schools to judge science fairs or hosting a humanities conference, around 470 volunteer positions are available for about 58 activities each year, inspiring tomorrow's leaders and thinkers. 

How Graduate Students Benefit

  • Academic Recognition
    Volunteer experiences can be identified in your academic records and these activities may be taken into consideration for scholarship and awards.
  • Practical Experience
    Gain practical teaching experience, develop a creative approach to your research presentations and build your confidence. 
  • Networking Opportunities
    Connect with other researchers and employers, use your evaluation experiences from judging towards writing better grants, and gain renewed interest in your area of research.
  • Professional Development Credit 
    Workshops and training for volunteer programs can be applied to your eight hour professional development requirement (with supervisor and departmental approval).

How to Find an Activity