Community Volunteer Program

City of Edmonton Board Member Opportunities for PhD Students

The City of Edmonton has partnered with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research to offer unique volunteer opportunities. As volunteer board members, PhD students will be able to have an impact on City of Edmonton Council decisions.

The Edmonton Historical Board and the Energy Transition Advisory Committee are looking for one to two PhD students to join their boards this September. Each volunteer board member term is one year, and it provides an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and individuals while having an impact on the city. 

The Edmonton Historical Board

The Edmonton Historical Board advises council on matters relating to the City of Edmonton historical issues and civic heritage policies; and encourages, promotes and advocates for the preservation and safeguarding historical properties, resources, communities, and documentary heritage. 

More details about the Edmonton Historical Board's mandate.

Energy Transition Advisory Committee

The Energy Transition Advisory Committee's mandate is to:

  • Promote the Energy Transition Strategy (as set out in City Policy C585, Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy) to each member’s professional and community networks
  • Share with, and receive from the City Manager, information regarding the implementation of the Strategy
  • Provide broad independent advice to Council regarding the adequacy of efforts to implement the Strategy
  • Assist Council in developing performance measures for the Strategy

More details on the Energy Transition Advisory Committee Mandate.

To apply:

Please send a cover letter which outlines the reasons for your interest in this opportunity, and a resume to Andrea Graham, The deadline is July 20, 2018. Interviews will take place late July and/or August. Successful candidates will be offered formal orientation and training by the City of Edmonton.