Community Volunteer Program

Telus World of Science

Current Opportunities

Nature Exchange Gallery 

As part of the ongoing Aurora Project renovations, Telus World of Science – Edmonton (TWOSE) will be opening the new Nature Exchange gallery in summer 2019. Nature Exchange will encourage our guests’ curiosity and appreciation for Alberta’s natural world and will empower them to use real science tools to investigate natural phenomena.

Nature Exchange has been built with an intentional appreciation for natural history research (unlike most natural history galleries which focus on natural history knowledge). It will allow guests to use real science tools, to observe live animals, to research and trade found natural objects, and to participate in citizen science projects. At Nature Exchange’s feature exhibit – the Trading Desk – guests will exchange natural objects and their knowledge of thereof for specimens from the Nature Exchange collection. Inquiry-based exhibits and programs encourage all Nature Exchange guests to step into the shoes of a scientist: to observe, ask questions, investigate, and share. 

Opportunity to Showcase Albertan Researchers

Nature Exchange focuses on Natural History research and as such, it is important that the gallery includes not just the tools and techniques that those researchers use, but also the faces and stories of real-life researchers who are working within the province. Nature Exchange will feature the stories of six Albertan researchers in interpretive panels throughout the gallery.

TWOSE has opened a call for nominations of natural history researchers to be featured in this exciting new gallery. The deadline for nominations is February 23, 2019.

To be selected, the researcher must meet the following criteria:

  • Their research must be conducted in Alberta.
  • They must consent to having their name and image displayed in the gallery.
  • They must consent to having a description of their work displayed in the gallery.

To nominate a researcher, please send the following information to Marie McConnell (

  • Researcher’s Name
  • Contact Information (phone number and email address, please indicate a preference)
    • If working in the field during late February/March, please advise on best way to contact.
  • Organization
  • Brief description of their work
  • Location of their research project
  • Brief description of the importance of the research project to Alberta and the general public