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Telus World of Science (TWOSE) Science Communication Fellows participate in a science communication short course, a series of five workshops, focused on developing tools for communicating scientific concepts to the public. Over the course of the workshops, participants develop a unique, hands-on activity representing their own work which is run with the public during the final workshop session. Following completion of the course, Fellows receive a certificate acknowledging their training.

These workshops may be used towards the Professional Development (PD) Requirement. All professional development sessions or activities must be approved by your department.

Who can participate?

TWOSE Science Communication Fellows are industry or academic researchers or science professionals, including faculty, graduate students, technicians, or other individuals in science, health, engineering or technology related positions.

Participation Benefits

  • Communication training and opportunities to engage with TWOSE visitors.
  • Development of hands-on, educational activities that can be used in educational settings
    outside of TWOSE.
  • Official TWOSE Science Communication Fellowship certificate.
  • Networking opportunities with local, like-minded scientists committed to public outreach.
  • Build skills that will enhance future professional presentations.

The Details

For the Fall 2018 Cohort, the sessions will be held at TWOSE on Saturdays from 1pm – 4pm on October 13, October 20, and November 3 and 1pm – 5pm on October 27 and November 10. Deadline to apply is September 28, 2018.
To successfully complete the Fellows program, you must commit to attending the sessions and developing a hands-on activity. Individual consultations to develop your hands-on activity are available
as is the opportunity to practice before running your first public program. As part of their program commitment, Fellows are asked to participate in three Research Zone public programs per year. These Saturday afternoon programs feature Communication Fellows with their hands-on, table-top activities.


For more information or to apply, please contact Jennifer Bawden, Science Director, at Deadline to apply is September 28, 2018.