FGSR Community Volunteer Program

Additional U of A Volunteer Groups


In addition to the FGSR Community Volunteer Program, the following University of Alberta-based organizations also offer volunteer opportunities:

  • Anthropology
    Archaeology and zooarchaeology specimens and facilities are available for outreach programs including talks, exhibits, displays, and tours.
  • Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project (ARVP)
    The ARVP has a dedicated Outreach sub-team that provides students of all ages with hands-on education in robotics, including basic circuits, logic, computer programming, and mechanics.
  • DiscoverE Summer Camps and Workshops
    Discover E Science Camps take place in July and August and are good for students entering Grades 4-12. The workshops are open to schools and vary in topics suitable for Grades 2-12.
  • The Energy Club
    The Energy Club serves as a forum for energy policy, science and issues. From specific technologies, to broader social issues, the Energy Club strives to promote discussion among youth of all ages and school outreach activities can be created around any related curriculum interests.
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB) - School Outreach
    Interactive outreach presentations are provided to local schools by representatives of EWB in order to stimulate and encourage reflection on issues of global importance and methods of addressing them at a local level. Two presentation themes are Water for the World and Food For Thought.
  • Health Law Institute
    Institute staff are available to provide outreach education to teachers and high school students on subjects regarding legal developments and health care, biotechnology, and health research.
  • Humanities 101
    Graduate students, professors, and students from areas such as literature, history, classics, philosophy, religion, social science, and art teach at an inner city location one to two hours a week for four weeks. They provide students with knowledge and an opportunity to realize a life beyond the walls of poverty. For information, contact: humanities101@gmail.com
  • Let's Talk Science
    Provide science outreach to schools in a one-on-one partnership between researchers and teachers as well as providing classroom presentations.
  • mUseofA
    University of Alberta music students take their instruments off campus and perform for enthusiastic and appreciative audiences.
  • Philosophy for Children
    Offering camps and classroom activities for children and young adults to explore philosophy with particular attention to logical, ethical and aesthetic dimensions.
  • Physics 30 High School Labs
    The Department of Physics offers three types of experiments in December, May and June: charge to mass ratio of the electron, spectroscopic analysis of hydrogen and helium, and an option of high temperature superconductors or the Geiger-Mueller counter/radiation properties. Contact dept@Phys.UAlberta.CA or (780) 492-5286 for information.
  • Cybermentor
    The Cybermentor program is an online mentoring program for girls ages 11-18. The program matches girls with female students at Alberta universities who are studying science and engineering, and who are practising women scientists and engineers.
  • Science FUNdamentals
    Science Fundamentals is a registered U of A student group with the mission of enriching science education for students in Grades 4-6. This is accomplished in many ways, from exciting in-class demonstrations to field trips.
  • Sky Tours
    The Physics Observatory is open Thursday nights to the public. Slide presentations and observing sessions (weather permitting) are also given to interested groups. Contact the Department of Physics (780) 492-5286 for further information.
  • University of Alberta Museum and Collections
    Offers MUSE Project-Discovery tours on campus for Grade 5-9 students campus. Topics include: Exploring Material Culture, Journey to Ancient Greece, World Beneath Our Feet, Amazing Adaptations, and Discovering Diversity. Teachers can also borrow a Muse Project Discovery Kit for further exploration back in the classroom.
  • University of Alberta Aero S.A.E. Heavy Lift Club
    The club encourages members to conceptualize and build an actual R/C model aircraft, and they will give presentations on flight. Contact e-mail: aero@ualberta.ca
  • Volunteers!
    The Students' Union maintains a volunteer registry for a variety of school and community projects, such as building a playground, assisting a community group, or visiting the elderly.
    Offers a variety of programming to enhance interest in science, engineering and technology among women. Programs include one-day conferences for Grade 6 and high school girls, and the WISEST Summer Research Program.