FGSR Community Volunteer Program

In the Arts


In the Arts refers to disciplines in the arts, social sciences, education, law, and interdisciplinary subjects that combine interests from the sciences and arts.

Outreach involves itself in campus, city-wide, and school events that seek to highlight these interests.

  • Liberal Arts Day
    A half-day hands-on event for Grade 8/9 students that introduces them to the variety of career options, allows them to explore various topics, plus meet enthusiastic researchers. Topics areas can include Anthropology, Drama, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, History and Classics, Music, Religion, and Sociology.
  • Social Studies Video Conference
    Annual conferences that addresses global issues encompassing the High School Social Studies curriculum.
  • International Week
    Grade 10-12 students are invited to attend lectures during this annual conference, normally held in early February.
    Annual event where Outreach volunteers share the joy of reading and instill the importance of literacy with students in kindergarten through Grade 12.
  • Alberta Debate and Speech Competitions
    Judges are sought for numerous events throughout the year. General judging information is available on their website.
  • Edmonton Regional Heritage Fair
    Annual event held in May that attracts students from Grades 4-9 to share their presentations of a person, place, event, animal, or activity that captures the spirit of Canadian culture. Outreach provides judges for the event; see the website for information about judging.
  • Video Conferences
    Outreach collaborates with the Centre for global Education at the Queen Elizabeth High School to promote a variety of video conferences on social and scientific global issues. Video conferencing is supported within most school boards and has become an easy way to bring experts and student engagement into the classroom.

School Presentations

  • Outreach volunteers give presentations on topics related to their experiences and knowledge. Presentations have varied from 'Life in Brazil' to 'Laws Regulating Internet Use in China' to 'Career Choices in Library Sciences'.
  • Presentations are targeted to their audience. A typical presentation would be about 50 minutes. Outreach can supply a data projector and laptop for presentations and often assists with ride arrangements.