FGSR Community Volunteer Program

High School Students


The FGSR Community Volunteer Program encourages all students to participate in a variety of activities, including:

  • University of Alberta Brain Bee
    This live trivia challenge determines who is the "best brain" on such topics as intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, aging, sleep, addiction, Alzheimer's, and stroke.
  • International Week 2015
    This is the largest annual education extracurricular event on campus and fosters global citizenship through engagement with today's most pressing issues. A variety of events feature faculty, students, community and government.
  • Connect with a U of A Researcher
    The FGSR Community Volunteer Program has assisted several high school students in finding opportunities to meet graduate students and academic researchers on campus. Contact us for help.

Considering University?

The FGSR Community Volunteer Program also supports high school students in exploring university study options: