The FGSR Community Volunteer Program recruits volunteers from all disciplines to share their knowledge and experience with students in primary and secondary schools.

Teachers attending activities at the University of Alberta must complete a registration form, and occasionally students may be required to complete a waiver form.  If you are unfamiliar with the University campus, arrangements can be made to escort you to the various locations and bus parking can be arranged for free.

The FGSR Community Volunteer Program is a free service made possible by the efforts of our graduate students, academics, postdoctoral fellows and alumni volunteers.


Create an FGSR Community Volunteer Program Event for Your Class

  • This may be in the form of a guest lecture, a tour, or hands-on activity on campus or at your school
  • Please send your volunteer request to clsobod@ualberta.ca
  • In your request, please detail how many students are in your class, the grade level, type of activity, the times/dates and your contact information.
  • We'll be happy to recruit a volunteer presenter for your event using our Outreach list-serve.

Participate in an FGSR Community Volunteer Program Event

Outreach hosts a variety of activities aimed at school-aged children:

  • In the Arts
    Activities in disciplines such as Modern Languages, English, Economics, Philosophy, Education, Law.
  • In the Sciences
    Activities in disciplines such as Agriculture, Science, Engineering, Health Sciences.
    Have a graduate student, professor or alumni promote literacy in your classroom during this annual event.