FGSR Community Volunteer Program



While graduate students make up about 80% of the FGSR Community Volunteer Program - undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, alumni, academics, support staff, and emeriti also generously share their expertise and experiences with our community.

For a list of FGSR Community Volunteer Program activities that volunteers can participate in, see:

  • In the Arts
    Activities in disciplines such as Modern Languages, English, Economics, Philosophy, Education, Law.
  • In the Sciences
    Activities in disciplines such as Agriculture, Science, Engineering, Health Sciences

Events that request judges require no previous experience or preparation time.

The FGSR Community Volunteer Program office recognizes the limited resources of our volunteers, so we will help organize car pooling, arrange for audiovisual aids, and provide supplies for events.


Interested in Volunteering?

  • Volunteers who have a specific expertise they would like to offer should contact the Outreach office to explore options that would best suit their needs.