Chandni Luhadiya

Chandni Luhadiya

Introduce yourself:

I am a Master’s student in Industrial Design. Intrigued by the idea of how a well-designed space can transform human life, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design and then completed an advanced diploma in Design. I have learned how space is crafted according to the requirements of an individual and worked on a multitude of residential and commercial design projects. I also interned at one of the premier design institutes in India, Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at IIT Bombay, where I worked on furniture design projects. My present research is about enhancing furniture shopping experience to reduce buyer’s remorse.

What are you researching and what do you hope comes out of your research?

Shopping is one of the most common and frequent activities. Buyer’s remorse which is the feeling of regret after purchasing a product has greater significance when it comes to furniture shopping. I aim to reduce the chances of buyer’s remorse in furniture shopping and increase customer satisfaction. I am currently identifying the problem areas in each stage of the furniture shopping journey to design a seamless experience. As an outcome of my research project, I am designing a multichannel application that includes mobile and web interfaces. I hope my digital application design will give furniture shoppers the confidence to design the home they have always dreamed of!

How did presenting a Three Minute Thesis (3MT) help explain your research?

Presenting a 3MT made me feel more like a “performer” than a presenter. When you have to explain your entire graduate research in 3 minutes, every single word counts. 3MT helped me explain the essence of my research in just 460 words. It helped me realize that I can connect with a non-specialist audience through my work and can make them understand the meaningful insights from my research project within three minutes.

Define "For the Public Good" in your own words.

Being a designer, “For the Public Good” means creating socially impactful, environment-friendly, and financially sustainable products that could satisfy the user's needs. This phrase is analogous to creating designs that can be universally accessed by everyone regardless of their age, gender, and other demographic factors.

What inspires you to do research?

Response to stimuli — an instinct found in all living beings — forms the cornerstone of our conduct and lifestyle. This is the core inspiration for my research. The design space is constantly changing and I want to respond to that change by reinforcing human-environment interaction at the rudimentary level. My research will reduce furniture returns in the retail industry and will bolster the furniture supply chain. I constantly strive to make designs that can make it easy for people to design their dream homes!

If you have to dedicate your research to anyone from the past, present, or future, who would it be and why?

I would like to dedicate my research to my friends and parents for their endless love, support, and encouragement. Their constant feedback on my work helped me improve immensely in every aspect of my research work. Without their support and confidence in me, this thesis would not have been possible.

3MT Keywords: design; shopping; experience