Who can Participate

 3MT Participants

All University of Alberta graduate students who are active/enrolled in a Masters or PhD graduate program and in good standing with their graduate program and the Faculty of Graduate Studies are eligible.

A few things to note:

  • a student whose thesis is under submission on the date of their first competition is still eligible to compete
  • a student whose thesis is under submission, and whose degree is conferred while they are still competing in 3MT™ is still eligible. In this case, the student must have competed in their first competition heat prior to their degree conferral
  • Presenters must register for the event and be eligible to present in person on the day of their first competition.
  • To advance in the competition presenters must be available to present in person at the finals. If the winner is not  available, the runner up will take their place if they fulfill all requirements.

A student whose degree is conferred before they compete in their first competition, and who has therefore graduated, is not eligible to compete. Students become ineligible, in this case, upon receiving notification of degree conferral, even if they have not attended a graduation ceremony.

Visiting students are also not eligible.