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Past Career Symposium 2018

About the Invest in Your Future Career Symposium

Thank you to everyone who invested in their future at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research's career conference for graduate students last week. This year’s conference was designed to inspire and give you the skills to design your life, work your network, tell your story and think “different”. Please see the links below to watch the live stream recordings of the keynote speakers and access their Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations. 

On Nov. 15-16, 2018 the Invest in Your Future Career Symposium featured:


Nov. 15, 2018, 9:30 a.m. – WATCH THE LIVE STREAM RECORDING

Opening Keynote:
Think “Different”: Why Using a New Lens to Take Stock of Your Skills Will Make the World a Better Place

Curtis Clarke, PhD, Deputy Minister, Alberta Education, Government of Alberta


Closing Keynote:
The Best Career Advice I Ever Got: “Say Yes”

Kory Mathewson, PhD Candidate, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, University of Alberta and improvisational artist, Rapid Fire Theatre

Presentation Google Slides


  • Designing Your Grad Experience to be Career-Ready* 
    Nana Lee, PhD –  Presentation PowerPoint
  • Growing, Using, and Sustaining Your Professional Network 
    Anne Krook, PhD – Presentation PowerPoint
  • Master's and PhD Alumni Career Panels
  • The Value of Storytelling: How to Showcase What Counts For You 
    Kelly Wood, MA  - Presentation PowerPoint
  • How to Develop an Entrepreneurial and Innovation Mindset: Skills Employers Want 
    Evan Hu M Eng – Presentation PowerPoint

For Nana Lee's workshop, please use UAlberta’s Individual Development Plan (IDP) Workbook to identity two to three skills you would like to strengthen.

Made possible by funding from the Government of Alberta.

This symposium was open to all Campus Alberta graduate students and postdoctoral fellows which includes 26 post-secondary institutions.

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