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Hire Me Careers Day Workshop

Hire Me, I've Got a Graduate Degree Workshop - Sold out!

Calling all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows!

FGSR has partnered with the Career Centre for an exclusive graduate student Careers Day workshop, Hire Me, I've Got a Graduate Degree: A Motivating Conversation, led by Concordia University's Niem Huynh, PhD. 

Drawing from her own journey, Niem uses an acronym, I CARE, to ignite a conversation about finding meaningful employment. She will take the conversation away from the methodical process of writing a cv or cover letter, and towards a process that involves deeply knowing your own desires and strengths, giving you the courage to take action and express what you want openly. Throughout the talk, you will be inspired by stories of graduate degree holders who are working in successful roles applying their academic training.

This workshop may be used towards the Professional Development (PD) Requirement. All professional development sessions or activities must be approved by your department.

Where: SUB 051
When: Wednesday, Sept. 27, 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Cost: $10/person includes breakfast and workshop


Workshop Preview:

About Niem Huynh, (黃可柔), PhD 

Geographer. Inquirer. Risk taker. Niem is also an explorer of career opportunities. You may find her weaving between crowds of people, lending her ear to acquaintances who share their employment trajectories. Niem’s interest in supporting graduate students search for meaningful careers was ignited by her own journey. Professional work took her to Texas, for an Assistant Professor position. This was followed by Niem leaping to a research role in a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. Feeling like the Canada goose, Niem traced her roots back to Canada where she has since enjoyed being a Career advisor at McGill University, working primarily with graduate students. Today, Niem leverages on her suite of transferable skills and manages graduate student recruitment at Concordia University.