Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

FGSR Teaching Circle

Do you want the opportunity to discuss teaching with other enthusiasts? Led by Dr. Deanna Davis, and co-facilitated with graduate students, the FGSR Teaching Circle is an opportunity for graduate students and the larger teaching community to informally discuss issues related to teaching and to develop a network of teaching colleagues.

Teaching circle sessions do not count for credit in the Graduate Teaching and Learning Program or towards the Professional Development Requirement.

All sessions take place in Triffo Hall 1-16 at noon.  

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  • April 17, 2019

Topic: Navigating Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary Teaching Experiences as an International Graduate Student: Challenges and Highlights

Description: In this session, I reflect on some key experiences in my year-long tenure as an international graduate student Teaching Fellow at the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC), alongside the Teaching Assistantship experiences of some session participants. Drawing on my (and others') Teaching Fellowship/Assistantship experience, I facilitate a discussion around specific challenges and highlights of TAship, and how they can shape approaches and outcomes for international (and domestic) students within the academy. We also the discuss the most important lessons for optimizing graduate student TA/TF work in disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts.

Facilitator: Benjamin Denga, PhD Student, Department of Educational Policy Studies

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