Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

GLT Program Level 4

Graduate Teaching and Learning (GTL) Program Level 4 candidates must have completed level three or equivalent. Level four offers participants the opportunity to engage with teaching research and course development. In level four, students take on a project requiring a minimum of 40-60 hours of scholarly work. Projects might include publishing outcomes from a series of TA assignments, developing a new learning module/activity/lab in coordination with an instructor or carrying out a small teaching related research project. Funding for level four is expected to align with the usual employment practices in the host department.

Students interested in level four can find supervisors by approaching a previous TA supervisor or holders of funded teaching projects. Those interested in pursuing a level four project, or supervisors looking for students with this kind of expertise, should contact the GTL team with a brief description of the project and the name of your supervisor or proposed student. The Centre for Teaching and Learning facilitates biweekly mentoring sessions for each cohort.

For more information please contact:
Deanna Davis, Professional Development Instructional Design Specialist and GTL3 Instructor
780.248.5742 | 

John Nychka, Associate Dean
780.492.8959 |