Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

GTLP Level 4

The Graduate Teaching and Learning Program Level 4: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Project is an advanced project requiring a minimum of 60 hours of scholarly work offering participants the opportunity to engage with teaching research and course development. The maximum number of hours is dependent on other appointments, for example, Research Assistantships (RA) or Teaching Assistantships (TA).

This is a joint venture with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, which facilitates mentoring sessions for each cohort.

Examples of projects might include publishing outcomes from a series of TA assignments, developing a new learning module/activity/lab in coordination with an instructor or carrying out a small teaching related research project.


Candidates must have completed GTLP Level 3: Pedagogy and Course Design and have a project supervisor. Students can find supervisors by approaching a previous TA supervisor or holder of funded teaching projects such as Vargo and Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF), or contact the FGSR. Funding is expected to align with the usual employment practices of the host department and funded projects are also open for discussion.

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain practical experience in:

  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Developing skills in the design and execution of a research and/or development project
  • Applying relevant principles in theories of teaching and learning in conducting their project
  • Refining their project to meet the goals of the principal investigator, their own goals related to teaching and learning, and the timelines of the project choosing appropriate methods to assess their project’s efficacy or success
  • Disseminating research via public presentation and/or publication
  • Re-evaluating skills/competencies and goal setting (revision of teaching development plan from Level 3)

Participants will deepen capacity for:

  • Self-assessment knowledge vis-a-vis reflection and reflexivity
  • Workplace professionalism and ethical principles in higher education
  • Serving as a critical colleague
  • Setting and monitoring personal learning goals 

Completion Requirements:

  • Development of research/development project
  • Participation in cohort meetings (peer feedback)
  • Development of research plan
  • Completion of literature review
  • Project dissemination
  • Teaching Development Plan (revised from Level 3)
  • Exit Survey

Transcript Notation

Graduate students who complete Level 4 will receive the following notation on their transcripts: Graduate Teaching and Learning Program: Research. All participants will receive level completion letters for their teaching dossiers.


Those interested in pursuing a Level 4 project, or supervisors looking for students with this kind of expertise, should contact the GTL team with a brief description of the project and the name of your supervisor or proposed student.

For more information please contact:

Deanna Davis, PhD
Senior Lead and Educational Curriculum Developer
Graduate Teaching and Learning
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Phone: (780) 248-5742 | E-mail: