Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

Past GTL Weeks January 2017

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is hosting a series of teaching sessions open to the entire UAlberta campus community.  All sessions are free.

More session information. Please RSVP for a session.  

NEW! Lunch hour round table teaching sessions  led by graduate students.  Please RSVP for a session. 

Sessions fulfill the professional development activities requirement (up to four hours). Please verify with your department/faculty’s graduate coordinator. Several sessions may also be used towards Ethics Credit. Please review with your department Graduate Coordinator/Chair if they will accept these sessions for this purpose.

Session 1:   Graduate Teaching and Learning Program Information Session – not for GTL Credit
Session 2:   How to Teach Fish When You Are a Penguin
Session 3:   The ‘Ism’s In Teaching: How to Deal with Sensitive Issues Such as Racism, Genderism, Sexism and so on in your Classroom (Ethics Credit)
Session 4:   Leading Discussions
Session 5:   Motivating Students
Session 6:   Aligning Learning Objectives with Assessment
Session 7:   Creating Safe Zones for Student Engagement: Lessons from the Law School
Session 8:   Peer Training Session – Required for Level Two GTL Program
Session 9:   What Sets a 3M Teaching Winner Apart From the Rest
Session 10: Ethics in Teaching (Ethics Credit)
Session 11: Session Planning 
Session 12: Leaving Your Mark: Grading the Essay
Session 13: How to Prepare a Teaching Dossier
Session 14: Who is in Your Class?  The Mental Wellness of Your Students 
Session 15: Code of Student Behaviour (Ethics Credit) 
*Cancelled Session 16: Engaging Large Classrooms in Active Learning
Session 17: Teaching in the Large Classroom
Session 18: Richard Dietrich - from counselling psychology 
Session 19: Using Your Voice in the Classroom 
Session 20: Gamify Your Course
Session 21: Peer Training Session – Required for Level Two GTL Program (Repeat of Session 8)
Session 22: HMM: How Humour, Music, & Movement Enhance Student Engagement