Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

GTL Department Coordinators

Graduate Teaching and Learning Program 
Departmental Coordinators/Contacts and Roles:

  • Inform graduate students of the opportunity to participate in a teaching program on campus.
  • Encourage colleagues to participate in the program as teaching mentors for students in Level 2 and help students connect with teaching mentors. 
  • Confirm that the students in Level Two have met their 25 hours pedagogical and 72 hour equivalent practicum requirements.
  • Assist students in identifying resources related to teaching within their department, faculty, or on campus. 
  • Communicate with colleagues about the University’s teaching program which is available to all graduate students irrespective of the student’s teaching status.
  • Also may serve as a Teaching Mentor and therefore evaluate completion and quality of Teaching Dossiers.
  • May evaluate Teaching Dossier (ensure 5 reflections, letter of completion of Level 1 GTL program, 2 critiques of teaching, 2 peer feedback, mentor reference, and student feedback).