Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

Former GTL Program Level 2

Students who began the GTL program before August 2018 may complete level two under this previous program.

The focus of Graduate Teaching and Learning (GTL) Program Level 2: Skills Development with Feedback and Reflection is on instructing students, gaining practical teaching experience and learning from your teaching experiences. 


Open to all UAlberta graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Participants may begin level two before completing the requirements of level one, however completion of level one must be demonstrated before transcript notation will be given for level two.


Graduate students completing level two will receive a letter of completion and the following notation on their transcript: Graduate Teaching and Learning Program: Practicum. Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for the transcript notation.

Join us on Nov. 13, 2018 for a GTL Program Level 2 Bootcamp. During this one-day boot camp, you will have the opportunity to receive guidance on the documents needed for the completion of Graduate Teaching and Learning Program Level 2, and for any academic job application.

Forms and Resources

There are number of forms and resources to assist you. 


  • Skills Development

    This course takes a hands-on approach to learning, and emphasizes the practical side of teaching and learning with real life examples and workshop style learning modules. Through group discussion, weekly peer feedback and one-on-one consultation, this course offers you a platform to engage deeply with course material, gain confidence in your teaching, and develop a network of teaching colleagues from across campus.

    You will have a minimum of two instructional opportunities for a minimum of two total hours of instructing students at a post-secondary level (e.g. lecturing, labs, seminars, tutorials)

    You will participate in three or more different teaching experiences. (e.g. lesson planning, building relationships, active learning)

    To complete the practicum, you will write three reports on teaching skills development and outcomes (750-1000 words), each of which will:

    1) describe the teaching experiences;
    2) demonstrate a pedagogical competency; and
    3) provide a reflection on each activity.

  • Feedback and Reflection

    Seeking constructive feedback and learning how to give feedback is an excellent way to gain insight into teaching and learning, and is a critical skill in mentoring, supervision and teamwork. 

    To complete the feedback and reflection component, you must obtain feedback from a teaching mentor, two peers, and students, and give feedback to two peers participating in the GTL Program and complete a self-reflection.  A peer observation training session is required before you can give or receive feedback to peers. Peer feedback opportunities are coordinated through FGSR. 

  • Documentation

    A teaching CV is an effective way to capture teaching development because it presents teaching as a scholarly activity and provides evidence of activities inside and outside the classroom, laboratory, or clinic.

    To complete GTL Level 2, you must develop a teaching CV, which will include your teaching philosophy/statement, teaching contributions, summarized assessment of teaching, and any teaching awards.

  • Required Documents

    To complete GTL Level 2, the following documents, must be reviewed by your teaching mentor and/or departmental GTL Coordinator: 

    □ Letter of completion of GTL Program Level 1

    □ Reflections from 5 sessions attended (Level 1) 

    □ Three reports on teaching skills development and outcomes

    □ Teaching mentor observation

    □ Letter of observation from two peer(s)

    □ Two peer observations by participant

    □ Student Feedback

    □ Self Reflection

    □ Teaching CV

    Following this review, please submit the GTL Level 2 form, signed by your teaching mentor and/or departmental GTL Coordinator must be submitted to FGSR to receive transcript notation.