Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

Graduate Teaching Learning Workshops

Workshops for Students who Began the GTL Program before August 2018:

Peer Observation Training Sessions

Peer observation is a key component of the GTL Program Level 2 and an important part of ongoing personal development for instructors at all levels of development. During this session, you will be guided through the peer observation process, have a chance to practice these skills through case studies, and learn about how you can arrange peer observation opportunities. This session is required prior to completing the peer observation component of GTL Level 2.

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  • Mar. 6, 2019
  • Apr. 29, 2019

GTL Program Level 2 Bootcamp

This session is for students who began their GTL prior to August 2018. During this one-day bootcamp you will have the opportunity to receive guidance on the documents needed for the completion of GTL Level 2, including your teaching statement/philosophy, teaching CV, and skills reports. These documents are also important components of any academic job application. Bootcamp details.

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  • Mar. 12, 2019
  • May 14, 2019