Graduate Teaching and Learning Program

Presentations & Tip Sheets

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research encourages students to explore the teaching resources listed below. A wide variety of presentations, tip sheets, and online and on-campus resources are available to help you begin your teaching path. 

Teaching Presentations & Tip Sheets

The following tip sheets and presentations contain activities and valuable advice that can improve your teaching in all settings. Many of these resources were developed by UAlberta academics and teaching experts and presented during FGSR's Graduate Teaching and Learning Weeks.

Webinar: Continuous Course Improvement across Instructors and Sections: Let's Stop Reinventing the Wheel 
Speaker: SM Kresta

 Student Relationship Building & Support

Giving Effective Feedback To Your Students[PDF Document]
Guidelines for Electronic Communication with Students[PDF Document]
Specialized Support & Disability Services[PDF Document]
Helping Students Deal with Stress
Identifying, Helping, and Referring Students in Distress [PDF Document]
OSJA Code of Student Behaviour Presentation [PDF Document]
Motivating Students[PDF Document]
Bringing Mindfulness Practice into the Classroom as an Instructor[PDF Document]
Nervousness, Teaching and Participatory Learning[PDF Document]
Gandhian Pedagogy: Creating Socially Just Classrooms [PDF Document]

 Learning Objectives & Course Planning

Aligning Learning Objectives with Assessment[PDF Document]
Learning Objectives [PDF Document]
Writing Learning Objectives [PDF Document]
Lesson & Session Planning [PDF Document]
Curriculum Planning & Course Design[PDF Document]

 Teaching Strategies

Teaching Resource Manual[PDF Document]
The First Class: How to Make it First Class [PDF Document]
Basic Warm-Up Exercises for Your Voice[PDF Document]
Bringing the Library to your Students[PDF Document]
Strategies for Interacting with Different Types of Students[PDF Document]
Teaching Strategies for International TAs and Instructors[PDF Document]
Effective Laboratory Teaching[PDF Document]
Teaching Effectively in the Lab 2015[PDF Document]
Introduction to Community Service Learning[PDF Document]
Session 1: Teaching in the Large Classroom[PDF Document]
Session 2: Teaching in the Large Classroom[PDF Document]
Session 3: Teaching in the Large Classroom[PDF Document]
Engaging Large Classrooms in Active Learning[PDF Document]
Engaging Students: The Devil is in the Details[PDF Document]
How Humour, Music and Movement Enhance Student Engagement[PDF Document]
T.A. Tips: Working With Your Students[PDF Document]
Voice in the Classroom[PDF Document]
Creating Quality Multiple Choice Exams[PDF Document]
Creating Safe Zones for Student Engagement[PDF Document]
Using Your Voice in the Classroom[PDF Document]
Learning Styles: Teaching Fish When You are a Penguin [PDF Document]
Gamify Your Course


 Teaching with English as a Second Language
Say What? Teaching with English as a Second Language [PDF Document] 
Teaching With An Accent [PDF Document]
Teaching Tips for International Students [PDF Document]

 Assessment, Grading & Plagiarism

Ethics in Teaching [PDF Document]
Effective Grading Practices in Biology[PDF Document]
Assessments & Grading: Focus on the Biological Sciences[PDF Document]
Creating Quality Multiple choice[PDF Document]
Assessment of Learning [PDF Document]
Planning Formative Assessment[PDF Document]
Planning Formative Assessment Workshop[PDF Document]
Background for Planning Formative Assessment Workshop[PDF Document]
Plagiarism: In Your Own Words?[PDF Document]
Resources for Recognizing & Avoiding Plagiarism[PDF Document]
Plagiarism Primer for T.A.'s[PDF Document]
Anti-Plagiarism Resources[PDF Document]
Plagiarism Awareness: It's About All of Us[PDF Document]

 Career Building

Writing a Teaching Philosophy [PDF Document]
Teaching Dossier: A Guide [PDF Document]
Developing your Teaching Dossier [PDF Document]
What Sets a 3M Teaching Winner Apart From the Rest? [PDF Document]