Graduate Student Internship Program

Create an Internship

Follow the steps below to create an internship for the Graduate Student Internship Program (GSIP):

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  • Step 1: Ensure your Organization is Eligible

    In order to be eligible to receive $8000 in cost-matching GSIP funding, employers are expected to:

    • Create a meaningful work placement specifically under the GSIP, allowing the intern to use and develop clearly defined professional skills
    • Contribute matching funds for the paid internship at a rate of at least $25/hour
    • Assign an internship supervisor to provide guidance, support and feedback to the intern for the duration of the internship
    • Participate in assessment activities with GSIP staff to evaluate the placement and program
  • Step 2: Contact GSIP Advisor

    We want to ensure that your internship opportunity is developed to your satisfaction and that you benefit from the experience. To create a graduate student internship, please contact the GSIP Advisor:

    Andrea Spevak