FGSR is pleased to share the results of the University of Alberta's PhD Career Preparation and Outcomes Study.

The study looked at the career outcomes for 5,125 PhD alumni who graduated between 2005 and 2017. FGSR successfully and reliably secured career outcomes for 85 per cent of this population, for a total of 4,365 UAlberta PhD graduates.

Study results showcase an overall PhD success story - our alumni are researchers, innovators and leaders who are contributing their talents and skills in many ways. They're full-time professors. they manage not-for-profits. They're governmental department directors and CEOs of startups.

Read the high-level report found on this page to learn more about the diversity of careers pursued by UAlberta's PhD alumni. For questions or more information about the study, please e-mail the Office of the Dean at graddean@ualberta.ca.

The University of Alberta is grateful for the funding it received from the Government of Alberta to support current and future graduate students through the grant "A Vision for Innovation in Alberta: Excellence and Transformative Talent". Funds from this grant accelerated the progress of the study.

Special thanks are extended to Marianne Sorensen (PhD), research director of Tandem Social Research Consulting, who led the two phases of the study.

The study would not have been possible without the willing participation of the many UAlberta PhD alumni who took the time to complete the online survey. UAlberta is greatly indebted to these survey respondents.