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Mentoring Opportunities

Graduate studies is about you becoming an expert — taking a in-depth dive into your discipline. There's no better place to do that than at UAlberta because you're learning from the best.

Our professors may start the momentum behind our inventions, accomplishments and successes, but graduate students — as junior colleagues  — keep it moving. Through interdisciplinary research projects, joint publications, or even casual discussions over coffee, collaboration is at the forefront of UAlberta.

Nurture Relationships

Throughout your life, you should take time to nurture relationships with a variety of people. Generations — old and young at heart — impart wisdom, offer personal and professional support, and contribute to a greater understanding of oneself. This gives rise to the need to find mentors for yourself, and to learn how to mentor others. UAlberta has several opportunities to explore either option.

Finding a Mentor

Once a year, the CAPS Career Mentoring Program gears up to offer graduate students and postdoctoral fellow an opportunity to meet with a mentor in a field of their interest. This is a chance to build your network, learn about different career options, and to enhance your skillset.

From the Director's Chair is a blog that imparts career wisdom from a seasoned professional in the career services industry and includes graduate student experiences with the program.

UAlberta Venture Mentoring Service

If you are serious about developing an entrepreneurial venture, the UAlberta Venture Mentoring Service creates exciting opportunities for passionate student and alumni entrepreneurs to connect with experiences mentors to inspire, engage and learn.

Developing Your Mentoring Skills

The Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) provides an opportunity for graduate students to build their management, research, and mentoring skills. If you are new to mentoring undergraduate students in research, or are just looking for some guidance in developing your mentoring skills, the URI can help set you on the right path.

WISEST - During the six weeks of summer, Grade 11 students seek to explore science, engineering and technology fields in a research environment at UAlberta. Here is an opportunity to guide students on their journey, and for you to develop your management and leadership skills.

HYRS - A six week summer internship that allows high school students to pursue their research interests in health related fields. Again, an excellent opportunity to hone up your management and leadership skills as you guide students through their research journey.

Mentoring Tip Sheet 

Our Mentoring Tip Sheet identifies characteristics of a good mentor and guides you through getting the mentoring you need.