Professional Practice

As a graduate student, you have probably succeeded in acquiring a wide range of employment experience. Part of that cumulative knowledge integrates broadly or specifically defined professional norms that contribute to a healthy work environment. 

The Importance of Professionalism

Professional behavior in the workplace is not only beneficial to a company, but also for the employees who must work together on a daily basis. It contributes to the success of any organization by fostering positive stakeholders/client interactions. 

A professional attitude allows employees to take pride in their work, establishes boundaries, maintains accountability, and promotes respect. 

Reinforcing workplace attributes such as etiquette, communication, and performance excellence also helps integrate and standardize new guidelines into a specific practice or profession. 

Professional Approach

  • Acknowledge that professionalism integrates – on a personal level – a desirable code of conduct.
  • Build a personal statement or adopt a philosophy that summarizes how you wish to achieve and maintain your professional approach.
  • Evaluate yourself on a regular basis. Re-examine your professional philosophy or ask someone you trust who is familiar with your work to provide you with honest feedback.

 The following information will provide you with some useful tips on your path to professional enhancement.

Focus on You
Focus on Others
Focus on the Workplace