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UAlberta Switchboard

Offered through the Alumni Career Services program, the UAlberta Switchboard is a new, free online tool that connects you with your UAlberta community — including fellow alumni, students, faculty and staff. It’s like Kijiji for careers: ask for what you need, offer what you have to share. Whether your job hunt has just begun, you’re looking for a mentor in your field, or searching for a volunteer opportunity to enhance your resumé, make the most of this expansive, highly educated network. 

With Switchboard you can:

  • discover a job lead
  • crowdsource advice
  • share your expertise
  • establish yourself in a new region or industry
  • grow personally and professionally

Switchboard is full of possibility and potential — and using it is a cinch. Sign up for free using your email, Facebook or Google accounts.

Learn more about the Alumni Career Services program.