Health Law Seminar Series ~ The Presumed Consent Debate for Organ Donation in Canada: To Opt In or Out?

    February 12, 2015

    Health Law Seminar Series
    The Presumed Consent Debate for Organ Donation in Canada: To Opt In or Out?
    Dr. Stephen Beed, Dalhousie University

    Presumed consent or “opting out” is a concept that seems very reasonable to many people as a strategy to increase organ donation. Some countries have adopted this approach. Has this been successful? In Canada, where there is overwhelming support for organ donation amongst the public this seems like a reasonable strategy to improve our modest donation rates but we, as a country, have not supported this to date. Why? Is it time to rethink this? Join us for a discussion where I will present my perspectives on this issue as well as a summary of the presumed consent debate going on in Nova Scotia where well meaning politicians brought this issue to prominence.

    February 26, 2015
    12:00- 1:00 p.m
    McLennan Ross Hall, Law Centre
    (Rooms 231/237)
    111 Street and 89 Avenue
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, AB

    Dr Stephen Beed graduated from Dalhousie Medical school, served as a general duty medical officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and then completed a residency in Anesthesia at Harvard University at the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he also completed subspecialty training in adult critical care medicine. He was an attending physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston as a thoracic anesthesiologist and helped establish a training program in surgical critical care while working as an intensivist there. He returned home to Halifax in 1999. In his role as the Head of critical care medicine he was the medical lead for the development of the provincial organ and tissue donation program, Legacy of Life. He presently serves as the Chair of the national Deceased Donation Advisory Committee with Canadian Blood Services. He is a professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at Dalhousie and serves as the program director for the Royal College training program in adult critical care medicine, but will forever be most fulfilled being a dad to his daughters, Catie and Genna.

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