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The Health Law Institute in collaboration with the Alberta Law Review Society is pleased to announce the development of a new publication opportunity. In 2016 the Alberta Law Review will produce as one of its quarterly journal publications a special edition in health law. The exploration of this opportunity arose out of the need to reconsider the production and publication of the Health Law Journal and Health Law Review, which regrettably can no longer be supported due to financial constraints. Since 1991 these publications have contributed significantly to the development and discussion of Canadian health law and policy, and have served as invaluable resources for entities such as the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as publication outlets for a broad range of scholars. As such, the Health Law Institute has been committed to investigating new avenues that will allow for ongoing contribution to such scholarship. Its partnership with the Alberta Law Review Society is ideal, as the long standing, broadly disseminated Alberta Law Review promotes legal research and discussion of contemporary legal and policy issues. The special edition in health law will publish 9-12 articles, with submission guidelines available at: Please note, the 2014 final editions of the Health Law Journal and Health Law Review will be available online once published.The Health Law Institute would also like to take this opportunity to especially thank all those who have published with and edited these publications, and the individuals, organizations and institutions that have supported them over the past 23 years. Their longevity and contribution would not have been possible without your collective support.