Message from the Executive Director

In pursuit of our mission to "facilitate the development of innovative ways to collaboratively promote health and wellness across faculties and within the health system", we strive to continuously support our health sciences faculties and other stakeholders" so that collectively the we can continue to positively affect health and wellness outcomes For the Public Good. To that end, we are committed to achieving our strategic goals in interdisciplinary research and interprofessional education and doing so in a sustainable fashion.

But what does success really look like for us? We've succeeded when students graduating from any of our health sciences programs are equipped not only with the discipline specific skills of their chosen profession but also with the skills required to work collaboratively and effectively in health care teams; when our health sciences faculties and other stakeholders are equipped with the best practices in experiential learning and have fully integrated these experiences into their programs and offerings; when we've effectively connected the university's strengths in basic and health-related sciences, programs and infrastructures to support education, training, discovery, validation, and adoption into practice; and when we've established a community of scholars from across the health sciences faculties that effectively collaborate to improve health and wellness for all.

We look forward to working together to make this a reality.

Dean Zaragoza
Executive Director, Health Sciences Council