Bulletin Board Guidelines

Central Administrative Units, Student Associations and ECHA Occupants only may post the following:

  • University-wide promotions (e.g. Campus Notices, Wellness Services)
  • University of Alberta faculty educational events on campus
  • Research events or participation notices
  • Promotions for events hosted by Student Associations approved by the Students' Union

Do not post:

  • Commercial advertisements (includes businesses located on campus)
  • Marketing promotions (including contests for commercial entities)
  • Personal advertisements (items for sale, including books and services)
  • Accommodation postings (post these in Students' Union office)
  • Offensive material
  • More than one poster for any single event per bulletin board

When posting:

  • Use thumbtacks or push pins - staples are not allowed.
  • Note that ECHA bulletin boards may be cleared on the last Thursday of the month

Posters that do not meet these guidelines may be removed without notice and you may be charged for the cost of removing posters.