Student Placement Information

The Health Sciences Council assists all health science faculties in matters related to student clinical and non-clinical placements/practicums including:

  • Affiliation Agreements
  • Procedures for U of A students needing to obtain a Police Information Check (a.k.a Security Clearance or Criminal Record Check)


University of Alberta Multi-Faculty Affiliation Agreements

The Vice-Provost (Health Sciences Council) has formal signing authority for single Faculty and multi-Faculty health science affiliation agreements signed between the Governors of the University of Alberta and other authorities or organizations. The Health Sciences Council office, in collaboration with all applicable health science Faculties and Augustana Faculty is charged with managing these agreements.

Generally, multi-Faculty health science agreements include Health Sciences Council member Faculties and the following:

  • Date the agreement was signed
  • Expiration date of agreement (if applicable)
  • Special Requirements such as Security Clearance Checks, Fit-testing etc.

For information on these agreements, please contact Dean Zaragoza, Health Science Council Executive Director, at

Obtaining a Security Clearance (Criminal Record or Police Information) Check

As per University of Alberta regulations (refer to section 23.8.3 of the Calendar), the Protection for Persons in Care Act (proclaimed January 1998) includes a requirement that persons working or volunteering in designated agencies (hospitals, nursing homes, lodges, group homes, etc.) must provide results of current criminal record check (also known as a security clearance check). Accordingly, students serving work experience placements in the form of internships, clinical practica, academic practica, cooperative program work placements, etc., in any of these designated agencies may be required to obtain a criminal record check from the appropriate law enforcement agency and/or the Solicitor General's office. A fee to obtain this check may be charged (see section 22.2.3 Miscellaneous Fees). This fee will be determined by the law enforcement agency or Solicitor General's office. Details on whether or not a criminal record check is needed and the process to obtain this check are available from the Faculty or department which sponsors the placement.

Students who are entering a program which requires this type of placement and who have concerns related to their ability to satisfy a criminal record check should consult with their Faculty or department program office immediately upon being admitted to the program. Students who fail to provide a clear criminal record check may be required to withdraw from their program. Although faculties and departments will attempt to assist students seeking placements, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that required placements can be made lies with the student.

Policies and regulations regarding the length of time that a security clearance check is considered valid (eg. issued within the last 3 months) will vary according to placement site. Therefore, students may be required to obtain and pay for more than one security clearance check during the course of their program.

More on the process to obtain a Police Information Check from the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) here.