Professional and Faculty Development

The Health Sciences Education and Research Commons (HSERC) supports faculty members and clinical instructors from across all health sciences faculties integrating team competency development and/or simulation into student learning experiences.

HSERC currently offers several professional development opportunities:


INT D 403 Facilitation Workshop

The facilitation workshop is designed to prepare INT D 403 facilitators with the knowledge and skills that they need to guide and assess interprofessional student teams. It provides practice in interprofessional facilitation and debriefing strategies, assessing students, and giving feedback. It also provides an opportunity for co-facilitators to meet and begin working/planning together.

In addition to the face-to-face workshop, we offer an online resource with learning activities and resources for facilitators. Our online modules are intended to familiarize facilitators with the core competencies, core concepts, and learning outcomes of INT D 403.


Simulation Workshops

These professional and faculty development courses were developed through the Interdisciplinary Health Education Partnership (IHEP) project.

Interdisciplinary Simulation in Healthcare: Educator Training Course (Sim ETC)
Course length: 3 days
This three-day, introductory course will provide the foundational principles of simulation-based teaching and learning, including various techniques and technologies. This course will emphasize experiential learning activities to maximize skill acquisition in the delivery of simulation-based education. Mini-lectures, small group activities, case-based learning, and self-reflection are also included in the interactive design of this workshop. The course is targeted towards healthcare-related professionals and educators interested in improving their knowledge and skill in clinical simulation. All disciplines are encouraged to attend this course as it is designed from, and will promote, an interdisciplinary perspective on the application of simulation-based teaching and learning.

Debriefing Interdisciplinary Simulation Workshop
Workshop length: 4 hours
Upon successful completion, participants can demonstrate effective debriefing strategies using the Advocacy-Inquiry (AI) method in the context of interdisciplinary health team simulation. This workshop is ideal for facilitators who have no previous experience with simulation, but are interested in developing an understanding of simulation and debriefing skills. In this workshop, facilitators participate in a health team simulation and debrief a health team using the AI debriefing method. Although the context is health team simulation, AI debriefing skills are transferable to all forms of health simulation.